Our mission is to create habitable pathogen free built environment spaces through providing quality cleaning services, hygiene solutions and expert advice. Our vision is to be the ultimate hygiene services benchmark.

Our team consists of environmental practitioners, chemical engineers, project managers, health and safety agents and financial managers who are members of internationally and nationally recognized associations. These professionals oversee all job types and provide guidance were applicable. Upon completion each job is certified and a certificate of completion is issued thereafter. View our company profile PDF here.

Our team has acquired knowledge in the following:

  1. Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for COVID-19 Virus (COVID-19-IPC-EN)
  2. Emerging respiratory viruses, including COVID-19: methods for detection, prevention, response and control (introduction-to-ncov)
  3. COVID-19: Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform 
  4. COVID-19: How to put on and remove personal protective equipment (PPE)
  5. ePROTECT Respiratory Infections (EN)
  6. Standard precautions: Hand hygiene

Sanistation Equals Cleanliness

As more harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses emerge, the need for regular sanitization and the reduction of these contaminants also rises. This lessens infections as the microbes and impurities that threaten our health are destroyed.

We prioritize our clients needs and provide a dedicated 24 hour service. In order to ensure quality service all the time, we provide a feedback checklist to ensure our clients are indeed satisfied.

Our Services

Our clients are our pride, as such we strive towards rendering expert quality services through the use of best practice techniques and the elimination of bottlenecks.

Deep CleaningThis entails a thorough clean involving deconstruction of fittings and or equipment and the movement of furniture to get to the hard to reach surfaces.

SanitizationConsiderable reduction in pathogens is achieved through the application of alcohol based chemical products, thus making your working or home environment a healthier place.

DisinfectionWhen there is need to significantly reduce the level of contamination in a space, disinfection becomes appropriate.

SterilizationTotal eradication of microbial life is assured through heat treatment and radiation, leaving equipment and/or utensils absolutely pathogen free.

Chemical Refill A range of chemicals are available at your disposal for refill.

Interested in Pure Water?

Visit our shop directly to get a taste of our pure water. We employ sophisticated technology so as to deliver a unique product to you.

You can find us at 35 Westbourne Road, Richmondhill, Port Elizabeth, 6001.

Equipment We Use

We use automated as well as manual spray equipment. That way, our team is always active regardless of electrical power-related issues. All our chemicals are SANS and SABS approved. Our portfolio of equipment includes the following:

  • Airless sprayers
  • Vacuum powered hand help sprayer
  • Commercial Vacuum cleaners
  • Commercial high pressure cleaners
  • Spill kits (Bio hazard / Blood cytotoxic / urine and vomit)

Our Clients

We serve a diverse spectrum of clients from the corporate, academic, health care, service and hospitality industries. Typical clients range from financial institutions, institutions of higher learning, schools, hospitals, restaurants and saloons just to mention a few.

Our Methodology

Upon receiving your callout we will:

  1. Take your written instruction to proceed to site and undertake an inspection.
  2. Provide a written quotation for the cost of the services.
  3. Depending on the nature of the call out and your immediate need, we may dispatch our team to your site.
  4. After completing our work, our Engineer visits sites and performs a quality control check.
  5. The Engineer indicates and discusses the services rendered and provides you with a report.
  6. You rate our services in our client feedback form and if you are dissatisfied we will try our best to remedy the fault.

Contact Us

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Richmondhill, Port Elizabeth, 6001

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  • We have a friendly and enthusiastic team that is focused on caring for the customer’s needs at all times.
  • We supply you with a Sanitization or Decontamination Service Certificate after a project has been completed
  • Quality and customer service satisfaction is part of our vision and mission.
  • We are a non-franchise company,which means our customers will deal with the same team and management for effective and efficient service provision.
For customer queries, please contact us at help@sanistat.co.za
For contacting us / booking an appointment, please contact us at callout@sanistat.co.za